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You are the main character, and we are the digital storyteller, combining our experience and expertise to create and curate your story online.


An important public figure in need of a charismatic online presence, a company launching a new brand, an agency undergoing a digital revamp, an institution training the team on cybersecurity - all you need is a good story, and we are on it.


Of course, creativity is just half of the action. We take our data analysis very seriously in order to optimise the ROI for our client through our digital content and strategy.


Content is king, and a king needs the whole army to win battles: characters, data, technology, and many more. 

We produce meticulously designed digital content to capture the limited attention span online. When all you have is a space of 280 characters or 180-second video, every single detail counts.

We also utilise latest analytical and social listening tools to assess our strategy and to generate better content and engagement.


Digital advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads require a deep understanding of matching relevant keywords to the algorithms.


Relax, let us deal with the clicks and impressions so you could focus more on your business.


We plan your thematic digital campaign, assisted by a network of influencers nationwide. It is a concerted storytelling, not merely hashtags.



Limelight demands a solid digital persona, be it opinion leaders, rising CEOs, or trending artists.


Public perception will put every post and comment under scrutiny. We will assist you in managing the interactions to maintain the organicness and integrity of your brand.

We also source and manage potential sponsors and collaborations on your digital platforms.

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