At Enervive Industries (EVI), we believe sustainable energy is the way forward. We are a strategic shareholder of Synergy Generated Sdn Bhd (SGSB), a solar power firm offering cost-effective and innovative solutions in the field of large scale solar photovoltaic power generation.

We are also proud to introduce ARUS, our ground-breaking innovation of solar powered water treatment plant. We believe ARUS will play a pivotal role in ensuring a better access to clean water for rural areas.


Our strategic interest in SGSB is proven to be fruitful with the completion of 5MWac solar power plant in Setiu, Terengganu. 

The plant is achieving the projected yield and at the same time reducing 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

SGSB also holds 40% of equity interest in equity interest in Strong Elegance Sdn Bhd (SESB), a special-purpose vehicle to undertake the construction and development of solar PV plants.


SESB is currently working on a 30MWac Large Scale Solar project in Kedah.


ARUS is a Malay word for flow, current, or wave. The word accurately represents our innovation, a union of two waves: water and electrical energy.


We believe no one should be deprived of these basic necessities. Energy and water poverty should end.

ARUS is a solar photovoltaic-powered water treatment plant. We aim to overcome any logistical challenges faced by the people in order to have access to both treated water and electricity.

ARUS is mobile, easy to assemble, and equipped with ultrafiltration technology to ensure the water quality for domestic usage.

Our reference plant in Sandakan, Malaysia now generates 8.6kW of electricity and 33,000 litres of treated water daily.