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Enervive is a strategic shareholder of a Malaysian joint venture company, Synergy Generated Sdn Bhd (SGSB), which has undertaken and successfully completed a 5MWac solar power plant in Setiu, Terengganu. 

SGSB was incorporated in 2012 and is principally involved in the business of supplying the power and energy generation through renewable energy sources. Its management team comprises of professionals and experts in the field of photo-voltaic (PV) technology, power transmission and distribution.

The plant was built in a record time of nine months and came on stream in November 2014. The plant is performing well, achieving the projected yield and at the same time reducing 4.7 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

SGSB holds a 40% equity interest in Strong Elegance Sdn Bhd (SESB), a special-purpose vehicle to undertake the construction and development of solar PV plants. SESB is currently working on a 30MWac Large Scale Solar project in Kedah.