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Enervive Assets Sdn Bhd (previously known as MHA59 Assets San Bhd) first started in 2016 as a boutique investment house focusing on several property investments in Malaysia and United Kingdom.

In 2018, we embark a new journey to directly involve in property ownership and development and not merely as an investment house.

To date, we own two properties in Cardiff; a, office complex at Blackwood Road valued at RM10.8 million which is leased to the government of United Kingdom to place Job Centre Plus, a government department managing job opportunities and living allowances for the unemployed citizens of Cardiff.


Meanwhile, at Crwys Road, a three-storey apartment valued at RM21.1 million was built under the PLATO brand, as a student accommodation of which the students are mostly enrolled at Cardiff University.


We also use PLATO brand for a co-working space located in USJ Heights. The three- storey building valued at RM4 million will accommodate about 120 work spaces which can be rented by the public.


Enervive Asset had introduced Rhino Arena, the commercial football field as one of the branding under Rhino Southeast Asia. The football fields are built with artificial turf and will be located in Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kampung Baru and Rahang Square, Negeri Sembilan. Football and rugby community will enjoy a new International Football Federation’s (FIFA) standard size football field. Complete with various facilities for users such as toilets, cafes and changing rooms, Rhino Arena promises high quality and best service for all.

We are also looking into the possibility of acquiring another two properties in Cardiff in 2020.

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Our high quality football pitch.